Date of visit: 19th June 2024, Wednesday Time:08:26


Terms and Conditions

  • All individuals being granted gate pass to access any of the Port areas required to comply to Port's Security and Safety Procedures.
  • You must adhere to driving speed limit and all traffic procedures in the Port.
  • Smoking in non-smoking area (incl.Vessels) is prohibited.
  • You must leave the place immediately when you hear emergency bell and proceed to the evacuation point.
  • Carriage of passengers inside the port is prohibited, unless authorised and positive identification can be verified.
  • No access is allowed to unathorised areas.
  • Fishing is prohibited in the Port area.
  • Port Gate Pass Fees will be collected before pass issued, as per Port rate.
  • Port authority has the right to withdraw any visitor gate pass, in case of Port's Rules and Regulation been vilated.


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